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Coyotes, February 7

Last week on our field trip to Confederation Park we went sledding and figured out the distance per meter for each person. This week we wanted to compare the hill at Confed to the hill at the bluff. We tried a few sledding spots but the snow had melted a lot since last week, we were mostly ice sledding (I do Not recommend if you value your butt). We kept searching though and soon found a good spot to compare with confed. Ms. Dawn was our time keeper and timed our runs, Ms. Lea would count us down then shout GO!. Our times started in the fives but creeped down as we wore down the track until eventually we were getting times like 2.4! Sometimes I would just stop and watch everyone go, it was interesting because everyone had a different technique. Eventually we all got soaked and we walked back to our normal spot, we had some prep for our mini forest school.

Ms. Lea and Ms. Dawn had brought a lot of water so we could groom a sledding hill, we shoveled, poured, filled, and dumped until we had a sledding run that would hopefully freeze in time for mini FS. We went in for lunch a little early so we had time for our mini FS, and made sledding stat cards. We each put a nickname on our cards along with our best time and average time and some of us put worst sledding injury (My nickname was "mad" Mika).

After lunch we hosted our mini forest school, a smashing success! We played Coyote mouse, winter's coming and yeti ball our stations were biscuits and nutella, sledding, and maple syrup snow.

After our mini FS we debriefed about our mini FS and then Ms. Lea and Ms. Dawn told us they had news. The teachers gave us a sheet of paper with morse code on it and told us we had to figure it out. Lucky, Lucy knew morse code and decoded it! But it was a string of random letters! But we got a hint that each letter would help us spell out a word and there were four words. Soon we decoded it started we are but then we realized there was also going. We thought it might be camping but there was no more N's. Ms Lea double checked and the E was supposed to be a N. Then it hit us We were going camping! Our reactions were crazy, everyone was screaming and shouting! And on that note it was the end of our day.

From Mika

Thank you Mika! Here's a sneak peak at the math we were doing this week:

To find the slope percentage of a hill, we staked two sticks (or water bottles) into the ground , 100 cm apart, and tied a rope to the bottom of the upper stick, and made it level with the second stick. We measured from the ground to the rope. The 100 cm was the run, the measurement to the rope was the rise, and there was our slope percentage!

We helped the Coyotes distinguish between time and speed. With the times they recorded at both hills, they were able to calculate their speeds, using the distance they covered and had measured. Speed (m/s) = distance (m) over time (s)! They loved it, and added their stats to the Sledding Trading Cards.

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