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Coyotes, February 23

The cold did not deter us from exploring sports, balance, science, kinetic energy and ancient technology (slingshots). Your Coyote loved practicing some cheerleading/balancing moves - see if they can make one with your family! Spotters needed!

One highlight was the Ice Cream Shop, visited by the Cottontail Rabbits. Some flavours were loved (Chocolate Chip Mint, Mango) and other merely sampled (Strawberry Vanilla, aka Ketchup, and Caramel aka soy sauce!). An ice cream shore will be constructed next week!

Our Coke and mentos experiment was fun, but it didn't explode the way we wanted it to. Was the Coke too cold? What happens to the potential energy (or the kinetic energy) when the particles get cold? Something to look into, and try again on a warm day!

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