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Coyotes, February 2

It was heartening to see our Coyotes dressed and ready for play in our winter wonderland! Last week, the Coyotes had planned this class, and although we had to postpone some activities due to the cold, we managed to follow their lead for most of the day!

Two of the highlights were the planting of the flag that we created last week, and the ice cream. The planting of the flag involved surrounding the Cottontail Rabbits through our stealth, and raising the flag to claim their land. They disputed this of course, but will bring some good conservation next week about land and who owns it!

As requested, Ms. Dawn brought all the supplies on how to make ice cream We mixed the ingredients, then played football/rugby/tackle time with the package, which thoroughly mixed it up. If your Coyote would like to teach us the rules for rugby, we'd love to play!

We hopped inside to enjoy our ice cream, then went back out for some ice time. We hope the Coyotes are getting used to thinking about their next steps in their learning, and what supports they need to get there.

To study this week: why was the salt needed in the making of the ice cream?

Come next week with your answer!

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