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Coyotes, February 14

Thank you to Safiya for writing the blog this week.

This week the Coyotes started the day by taking their compass skills to the next level. They broke up into teams of two, and while one teammate hid a treat, the other had to find it using certain coordinates. For example: 280 degrees, 32 steps. Later, our guest teacher hid some meringues that Katie made, and gave us coordinates as to where to find them. Afterwards, we all sat down, and tried to agree on the best route to get to the rock climbing center (for our field trip in two weeks) while enjoying brownies that Satya brought.

After free time and lunch, we all headed down to the fire pit near the ice rink. It was there that Mrs. Lea and Mrs. Dawn revealed that we were soon going to try to melt and mold a certain type of metal (pewter). To practice, we would melt and mold wax over a fire. This fun activity was followed by a short game of rugby before we sat down to have a group discussion. The discussion was about the good characteristics that we saw in our classmates. We were able to share the good characteristics of a few of our classmates (while enjoying some yummy cupcakes that Ellie brought) before it was time to go home. It was a fun and treat-filled day!

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