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Coyotes, Feb 9

The warm weather and fun rugby training (thank you Jon!) got everyone motivated today - there was a lot happening! Everyone was enthusiastic playing rugby passing games and chasing the balls down the hill when a ball was dropped. There was also some confusion when Jon explained that the ball can only be passed sideways or backwards in rugby. Ask your child what else they learned.

Our friendship or battle, depending on who you talk to, with the Cottontails is progressing. We rescued the Coyote flag from Cottontail territory and received letters of peace and war. Some want to play games together and others want to roast the Coyotes like a Coyote Dog! The trading post is busy, with Coyotes creating swords and other weapons and teaching each other how to create particular styles. Ask what is being traded and how they are negotiating.

We continued to explore the effect of salt on ice. Does salt really make ice colder? We tested this, comparing pure water ice with salty ice. Ask your child if they could feel the difference between the two. Do they have any ideas why this might happen? Another experiment we tried was making rockets with coke and butane - very impressive! Ask them how this works and what they think the science is behind it.

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