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Coyotes, December 1

Every battle should end with tea! Let me back up...

We began with a reminder of how our government works in the House; each person who wants to talk to the House must start to say "Mr. Speaker", or Madam Speaker", and then address the group. This came from an Indigenous way of listening, where one person talks, with a 'talking stick', and all listen until they are finished. We practiced this with 'talking handcuffs' and heard from a number of people with questions, and Katie who had typed up a whole set of phases! With a firm plan in place, we made our predictions and sealed them in an envelope; what would happen in the battle? What do you think the outcome will be? Only time would tell...

So, for the actual battle you'll have to ask your child. They will tell it more vividly than I will! Needless to say, there were a few unexpected surprised, but the Cottontails served us tea at the end, which meant there were no hard feelings, of course! The Coyotes did a superb job in planning this for the Cottontails, understanding that letting them win was the point of the day. They did, and all were thrilled!

We are practicing fox walking, a walk to sneak up on others, people or animals! They will show you the technique!

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