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Coyotes, Dec 8

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Continuing the battle with the Cottontails that the Coyotes are caught up in, we introduced a game called Counting Coup. Historically for First Nations living on the plains this is the highest individual honour earned by warriors. In battle, to show courage, touch the enemy and leave unharmed was a coup. Outside of battles, people would sneak in to enemy camp and silently steal a horse or other object and then retreat, causing no physical harm but 'psyching out' their opponents. This was our game, coyotes v teachers. Ask your child how they achieved a coup.

Every class at Forest School is unique and planned by the teachers in response to the childrens' interests and how they play. We gave Coyotes this task for our last class, next week. They are more than ready! We thought about the last few weeks/months and the group enthusiastically came up with ideas on what they would like to do. Ask your child what was planned for this weeks class.

We intend to keep doing this in the New Year, to give the Coyotes ownership of their learning. We will be there to guide and ensure their activities are Forest School safe.

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