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Coyotes, Dec 15

Last week Ms. Dawn led the class through a debrief that involved having them plan the class for this week! We followed their ideas and arranged a flow that we thought might work! However, as Dawn and I know, the environment will dictate what happens in the class! Because of the weather and the need to stay warm, we went straight to sledding in a 'private' location, and with some slack line throw in, we stayed warm until it was cook-out time. The Coyotes did an amazing job preparing the wood for the fire and getting them going with the Cottontails; we are invited back, for sure! They were excellent teachers to the Cottontails, teaching them fire basics.

Sledding Olympics kept us coming up with different ways of heading down - ask your child what their medal was for!

If your child was in Plus, I'll be sending out an email with all the great physics they were working on today!

Have a wonderful holiday, and we'll see you back the first week of January!

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