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Coyotes, April 27

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

We had an eggcellent morning creating contraptions to protect the one egg we were each given. The first eggciting challenge was to launch the egg on the bottle rocket to see if it survived. Then the Coyotes thought up several other tests to see whose egg survived the longest. There were growing attachments to their own egg but in the end they all died.

It seems the signed Peace Treaty is being followed by both Coyotes and Cottontails as the two groups joined today out of interest in the egg challenges and to share knowledge of beading and making playdough. However it's uncertain how long this may last. When we were considering our morning a conversation arose about how loyal the Coyotes are to the Treaty and whether the Cottontails are friends or enemies. Opinions were mixed. We'll continue the discussion drawing parallels to the history and future of Indigenous Peoples and Canada's treaties.

Connecting Questions:

- What were the tests you created for the eggs?

-What forces were at work when you were testing if the eggs would break?

- What might you change when protecting your egg?

- What does the Peace Treaty with the Cottontails mean to you? Will you respect the Treaty?

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