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Coyotes, April 20

As we had all the fresh snow we could ever ask for, we decided to consolidate our people power and achieve the impossible - a quinzhee on the bluff!

With our new Peace Treaty signed by every Cottontail and Coyote, we built a quinzhee by first piling up snow (sled full by sled full!), then waiting for some settling to occur. After some fresh snow ice cream and tea, we went to work digging it all out again! As only one person could fit in at a time, there was a line up of people waiting to get inside and scoop snow. It's wet, messy work, but the students who volunteered didn't mind - the results were worth it. It was interesting to me to see who volunteered; some I wouldn't say have loved getting cold and wet in the past, but in this situation were all it. How they've grown and changed over the year!

Thanks to the environment, our third teacher, for organizing this extraordinary day!

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