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Coyotes, Apr 17

Today was a windy one! Windy yet quite sunny at times, though rather chilly in the morning. So naturally, we laid out a tarp and took off our shoes. This was simply all so we could try out some more acro-poses! The ones we attempted required a great deal of balance indeed. 

From there we busied ourselves with making natural paints and used them along with some colourful inks to decorate rocks. 

We also engaged in an intense game of Contraband, using many hidden spots to stash playing cards. 

Afterward, we practiced more with the new tarp, and once again it proved more tricky than anticipated. 

A quick stop at the cabin for lunch followed, and we were all very excited to hear that for our next big hike we were going to be taking Vita’s van! (Thanks!)

The rest of the day consisted of three-way-tug of war, some Queen's court, zombie-ant, and eventually ended with us gathering materials and senselessly constructing our nature mandalas. 


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