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We are beginning an exploration of the ecosystem of the bluff, focussing on the animal signs we can observe and begin to notice. There is quite a rich variety of fauna (birds and animals!) in our space, espeically now that half of it is officially closed to humans. Some animals have really taken over that space and are using it more frequently, setting up patterns and habits that we can begin to observe!

We began with noticing birds today; their calls, and what they mean. The Coyotes put on some very amazing plays based on bird language. Ask your Coyote what their play was about!

We will continue to practicing our noticing skills, and will search for clues as to who is living and sharing the space with us. This past week we noticed some interested scat - ask your Coyote what was in them!

We enjoyed the huge snowflakes, using the hypnotical falling flakes to calm our bodies before we practiced listening to our instincts. Ask your Coyote what this looks like, and maybe try it yourselves!

We are excited about trying another hike with the Coyotes - let us know if Dec 13th works for you!

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