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Cottontails, Sept 22

Todays class we started with noticing all the changes happening to our bluff and collected all sorts of different leaves. We made wonderful and unique leaf monsters and had a mini art walk to share them with each other. This class loves games so we played a few familiar games and added a few new ones. There is lots of creative input on how to improve or change the games creating fun twists.

Ziplines are a big theme right now, and we have been exploring the different resources we have and they impact the ziplines success. Stretchy ropes vs tight, different knots, different trees and lengths between them. We have been building different types of Zipline seats or handles and testing them out too. This next class we hope to make one we can all use!

Connection Questions:

What worked well in the zipline design and what needs to be improved?

What was the inspiration for your leaf monster?

Did you play with a different Cottontail?

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