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Cottontails, Sept 14

Today was a day of physical literacy for the Cottontails as we played in ways that tested our stamina, taught us about healthy risk taking, and developed our motor skills.

A game of Stuffie Rescue was requested shortly after we arrived and soon everyone was in the ravine above the bike track, sliding down to retrieve the stuffies who had fallen in, and then climbing back up with or without the assistance of the rope.

Level 2 of the game involved rescuing stuffies without using your hands to carry them. Several ingenious solutions were found including elbow/arm/shirt carries and attaching stuffies to the rescue rope.

"Summer sledding" down a dusty path became a popular way to get to the bottom and there was plenty of dramatic play as well with a stuffie hospital set up for post-rescue care and a stuffie surgeon who was called on to rescue and treat "injured" people as well as stuffies.

Later in the afternoon we travelled to the Community Orchard for lots of challenging and rewarding tree climbing (not without a few scrapes), fruit picking, soap carving, and a rousing game of Hide and Seek Tag (which put teacher stamina to the test!).

It was a rewarding day of play and learning together, and we look forward to seeing everyone for another adventure next week.

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