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Cottontails, Oct 26

We had a fun series of engineering challenges at the beginning of our day creating a cardboard course for rolling golf balls from point A to B. We leveled up the initial challenge by adding a tunnel and the. A log to cross.

With the first snow on the ground, some of the Cottontails were keen to try fire making. Although we hadn't planned for the activity, one child had their flint and steel so we spent quite a while attempting (unsuccessfully unfortunately) to light twigs, twig shavings, leaves and grass. We learned a lot about finding dry kindling and the difference between green (living) and dead wood.

Music has also been a theme in this class. Last week we had an inpromptu sing-along to Spice Girls and the Gilligan's Island theme, so this week several Cottontails tried out the ukelele and min guitar, and Denan and Avaleigh sang the Gilligan's island theme for us at the end of class.

Today was Avaleigh's last day with us until spring and during our "Rose and Thorn" debrief (naming a highlight and a hard moment or challenge from the day), one by one each Cottontail said their thorn was Avaleigh leaving. As we went around the circle and shared it was clear to see the friendships that have already developed this year.

Stay tuned next week for a haunted house obstacle course several of the Cottontails planned this week!

Connecting questions

  • Were you part of the fire experiment? What did you contribute?

  • What was your rose and thorn for the day?

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