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Cottontails, Oct 20

We introduced a new name game (since most of the Cottontails are pretty good with names) and I am excited to see it progress over the next few classes. Ask if your cottontail got smacked by the pool noodle!

Today we focused on the skill of lashing, which comes in handy when building shelters, ladders, swords and chairs... basically anytime you attach two pieces of wood together. Most of the cottontails made swords, but a few fixed our broken zipline ladder. Next class we will practice some more! Ask which item your child lashed together (Sword or ladder), if they found it easy? or tricky? Some cottontails were able to teach their classmates.

During free time many small groups broke out, one group made spruce tea to share, another set up the kid zipline while other sharpened their swords in the tool circle. There was a full class mystery to solve with arrows and nature sign. Did you cottontail find the clues? who do they think left them? or were they secretly creating clues?

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