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Cottontails, May 4

We continued building on our sit spot practice from last class, noticing the environment around us using our different senses. This class the Cottontails choose their own spot to go observe and record some of the things they heard, saw, felt and smelt. Ask your cottontail some of the things they observed and where their special spot was.

The Coyotes inspired us to try making our own protective egg carrying devices! Everyone got one egg and created a safe container to hopefully protect it from rolling and dropping. We talked about using items that both were hard to protect and also soft to absorb. Ask your Cottontail how their egg did and what sorts of materials they used to protect their egg!

During free time we joined the Coyotes and they had brought a potato cannon! The cottontails enjoyed learning about the physics of the cannon, certain angles and how it worked. Their was also play dough making, beading and the slackline.

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