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Cottontails, May 31

At the pick up spot, Maddie and Ted discovered what they thought was rhubarb. It had the same big leaves. Celine told us it was burdock and we kept spotting plants on the way to Prince's Island. Some of the plants had last years sticky seeds, just like velcro, which we had great fun trying to attach to people without them knowing!

A trip to the island wouldn't be right without rolling down the steep, grassy hills for a game of yeti ball at the bottom.

Pond dipping was a big hit with everyone and we found some bugs that we'd never seen before; water spiders, freshwater shrimp, beetles, water fleas, a dragonfly skin.

Connecting Questions:

How are the burdock seeds so sticky?

What were you expecting to find in the pond? Were there any surprises for you?

Did you like the dandelion bread we made? Would you eat it again?

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