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Cottontails, March 8

Thank you for dressing your Cottontails so well through the winter. They are always so happy to play outside even on the coldest of days and we only very rarely hear "My fingers are cold" or "My toes are freezing." And then they are more than happy to play a game to warm up so they can stay outside. True Forest School kids!

A mystery treasure hunt started class, where we followed directions reminding us of North, South, East and West. Ask your Cottontail if they remember any of the clues they followed and what the treasure was we found. They had two pieces of treasure to take home and create something with.

The Cottontails absolutely love playing snow kitchen with coloured water. Today there was a bakery that made ice-cream, a shop selling ice-cream and a house where blue cup cakes cooked in the oven. All so inventive! With everyone sharing kitchen utensils and coloured water it is a chance for the Cottontails to communicate what they need and work out how they might get it. Often that meant shouting out what they wanted expecting someone to pass it and if no-one did they would shout louder! We're working on problem solving for ourselves: if I shout for something and it doesn't get passed to me might it be a better option to move and go get it or if I asked a particular person by name to hand me something is it more likely they would listen?

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