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Cottontails, June 1

Today the Cottontails continued experimenting with ropes in trees. This week instead of a swing Greyson and Joe rigged up a climbing harness and we experimented with using the counterweight from last week's trap prototype as a force to hold our weight as many Cottontails took turns attempting to climb holding the rope and placing their feet on the tree trunk. Next time we'll bring tool gloves to protect our hands on the rope, as trying not to get rope burn was a challenge for some.

We also spent time crafting with beautiful beads and many Cottontails took home their creations - crowns, necklaces, sashes. Because the Coyotes were away at their canoeing lesson we played at their spot and worked on several scavenger hunts that they can complete next week. Measurement was a key theme throughout the day as we used short lengths of rope to measure steps in the scavenger hunt, returned to compass work to provide directions, and thought about how heavy the counterweight of our trap needed to be.

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