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Cottontails, Jan 5

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

We had a movement filled class as we tried to stay warm in the chilly weather. The Cottontails loved the sliding, trying different types of materials, trying to stand up on the mini snowboard and dodging the flying stuffed animals! Ask your child which sled type they liked most and if they ever could fully evade the flying stuffies!? After many laps we joined up with a few Coyotes to play some games. A favorite being the tarp races, we broke into teams and they came up with ideas of how to be the fastest tarp pullers. Running forwards, vs backwards, lifting vs pulling and distributing the strength around the tarp were all go strategies. Ask your Cottontail what their idea was and if they got a turn being pulled in the tarp.

During our inside time we identified the pelts and tails of animals, using the field guides and our previous experiences to make guesses. How did we know it was a raccoon tail or bunny fur? Then we picked our favorites and made a print of thier track, we hope next week to look for tracks in the snow and maybe learn more about the animals that move around our space!

Ms. Celine even gave us a mini tutorial on curling, we practiced throwing rocks (frozen milk jugs) and working as a team to get them close to the center!

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