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Cottontails, Jan 19

Thank you for dressing your child nice and warm, we stayed out all class and had so much fun! We decided to go to a new spot to play games and try out the sliding potential. We played our favorite games, zombie ant but also learned a new one called Yeti ball. Ask your cottontail if they survived the Yeti's! The walk to the "tear drop" spot took us to the top of the bluff and the Cottontails played an animal guessing game. The sliding was excellent and everyone competed in who could go the farthest. There was lots of discussions around sharing and everyone was willing to to swap the limited number of sleds. A few of the Cottontails organized a soccer game, ask your Cottontail which activity was their favorite? Which sled they liked best?

Afterwards we headed down to the skating rink and park. We played and made a fire to roast our bannock on. The Cottontails had a good idea to share some with the Coyotes who joined us later. It was a great day of sportsmanship, sharing and looking out for each other!

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