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Cottontails, Feb 15

The rope climb up to The Teardrop - What a challenge!

Everyone pushed themselves to get to the top and then what did we find at the top but the rope coiled in a pile! Luckily some of the Cottontails had scampered up more quickly than others and they knew it would be helpful for those behind them so they unwound it down the hillside. At The Teardrop we looked at a map to find where we started from and where we were now, some were able to follow the route we had taken to get there.

The grassy slope of The Teardrop invites the children to roll down and they can pick up some speed - even through the mud :)

Free time was full of games as the Cottontails have an endless list they enjoy playing together; Zombie Ant, Among Us, Zombie Tag. Their imaginations create other worlds and storylines easily and games morph in to complex stories with different characters.

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