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Cottontails, Dec 8

My apologizes for the late blog! Since we had a beautiful snowy ground we could practice our fire skills, which the Cottontails have all been patiently waiting for. We have a few rules around fire at Upstream and waiting for snow cover is number one. To start we practiced our fire lighting skills, which can be a great way to learn about everyone's different experiences and comfortability with fire. We rotated between flint and steel or matches, ask your Cottontail which one they preferred and if they could get a consistent spark with the flint and steel?

The Cottontails were very keen to make a bigger fire and showed they could be responsible (disposing of matches, staying calm, walking around not over the tin plates). Then we all worked on a fire for the kelly kettle and boiled some water for delicious tea! it was a great first class with fire and we will expand into fire structures next class.

Today we also didn't battle the Coyotes, instead we spent time playing together! The Coyotes had created a fun human powered slid which the Cottontails loved, ask you Cottontail if they rode on it or if they helped pull it? They also showed us a couple fun games like rope jousting and a new sneaky game. Could your Cottontail pull off any of the Coyotes? It was fun to get to know the Coyotes more and play along side them. The Cottontails enjoyed the different interaction.

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