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Cottontails, Dec 14

With the discovery of a large Y-shaped log Denan wanted to make a slingshot. So with limited resources bungee cords made up the elastic. The children tested it out trying many sizes of snowballs and learning the most effective way to fire it.

The tool circle returned which was met with an enthusiastic response from everyone. We reminded ourselves of the safety measures we take in the tool circle and used the new hand drills discovering two colours of saw-dust coming from different parts of the log. Why was this we wondered?

When the Cottontails energy had settled we were ready to build on the fire skills we have started to learn. There was a chance to try match lighting, wood splitting and fire building depending on what the cottontails wanted to do. We are seeing their confidence and skills grow all the time and along with that their awareness of how we stay safe around fire. Well done, Cottontails!

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