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Cottontails, April 19

Pulling back last year's dead grass the Cottontails were thrilled to find the first alfalfa growing! They are eagerly anticipating being able to forage and make salads, were curious about what other plants are edible, and whether the alfalfa would be good food for the ladybugs. (They decided yes!)

There continues to be plenty of bug action at our new spot - today on the dead log the Cottontails have been dismantling during tool circle. Tearing off a big piece of bark revealed a flurry or red ants, and then-even more exciting-a black beetle!

The appearance of the beetle was a great opportunity to fill out one of our bug adventure data sheets and we spent time considering what we noticed about the beetle, sounding out words, and working on spelling as we wrote down our observations.

Some of us spent a long time holding ladybugs and then watching them travel along the strands of grass or "roads" criss-crossing the hillside. They can walk upright, spin, and walk upside down as their feet hold on comfortably to the round grass.

We also learned a new knot today - the half-hitch. Each child tied one twice before heading from this lesson into free play, but some decided to stay and extend their skills, thoroughly tying up a tree and becoming engrossed in hanging a tarp to create a shelter.

During sit spot we each found a stick and a quite spot to work on yarn wrapping. Everyone agreed after that they want more time for this next week. As teachers we often notice that while students at first don't want to pause play for sit spot, once they have a chance to sit they realize how much they need and want the space.

It's a gift to be able to practice slowing down and offering ourselves a pause, especially outside in a such a life-giving place. We're grateful for all the moments like this on the bluff that we get to share!

Connecting questions:

  • What's one of your favourite things about your new spot?

  • Did you work on a project like yarn wrapping or tarp setup that you want to continue next week?

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