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Cottontails, Apr 20

Today was the perfect day to make a quinzhee (a snow hut or igloo)! The Cottontails were up for the challenge and the Coyotes joined in once they arrived. It was a lot of work but everyone stayed the course, and after an hour of snow gathering and roughly 40 sled hauls of snow we had our dome. It is awesome to see what synergy can create! After a much needed break for snow ice cream and Tea the class split up into different winter activities. Some of the Cottontails started to hollow out the Quinzhee getting creative with snow removal, others played games and a large scale snowball fight also broke out!

By the end of class we could fit two Cottontails in the Quinzhee and everyone was soaked from all the snow.

Connection questions:

Which was your favorite part of Quinzhee building?

Which snow activity did you choose to play in?

What was the hardest part of building the Quinzhee?

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