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Cottontail Rabbits, Sept 21

The Cottontails really got into games this class. We started with a teacher favourite, baseball hide and seek. Then we had lots of suggestions for other games to play; camouflage, line tag, graveyard. I'll let your children tell you how the games work. At different times the Cottontails realised that if they play a game of someone else's choice then that person is likely to play their game. We'll be taking requests for more favourite games next week if the Cottontails want to bring their ideas.

You may have been presented with four popsicle sticks and been asked to make an exploding ninja star and wondering where to begin! The Cottontails were all so close to being able to put the puzzle together, and some got it so hopefully they helped set it up at home. The how to video is linked below:

A big thanks to Ms Megan for stepping in for the class, she was a star storyteller, game player and swing creator!

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