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Cottontail Rabbits, Oct 19

We are building up the games that we play to bring the group together and so we have plenty options for keeping warm when the temperature cools. But it was another scorcher today so after games we had plenty of time to relax in choice time. Some chose to carve in the tool circle and were curious how Ms Quynh had taken the bark off a large tree stump. Others were engrossed making a ball run using cardboard tracks. To get the ball along the track was not easy as all the parts could move. The Cottontails were up for the challenge and persisted in trying different ways to make it work. Next week we'll step it up a bit for the Cottontails and see how they do.

In sit spot we were noticing with all our senses, except taste, and were eager to share afterwards and listen to everyone's observations.

Connecting Questions:

Ask your child to show you the Yeti Dance and get your groove on together!

Did you like being a Zombie Ant in the game?

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