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Cottontail Rabbits, 25 May

Cottontail Rabbits demonstrated their ingenuity in class this week building both a large trap, complete with a counterweight and a double rope swing which they swung on in pair timing their launches perfectly to go around over and over! These creations involved plenty of team work and problem solving and unique challenges like how and why to create a counterweight and efficient ways to throw a rope over a really high branch by tying the rope to a heavy object and discussions about why these techniques worked.

In addition to some very fun and very clever creations we tested our memory and plant recognition through a plant memory game where the children would quickly look at a series of plants laid out and then recreate the exact array by finding the plans in the area themselves and replicating the array. This led to some great discussion about the finer differences between certain plants and natural objects. Ask your child to identify some of the plants when you are next out and see what they find...

Celebration and surprise brought some delight to our class as the Cottontails conspired with the coyotes to surprise Ms Megan and Ms Lea for their birthdays that day... they trapped the teachers and shared dandelion bread/cake that they had prepared the previous week. The celebrations was made extra special by a visit from Ms Jessie!

The beauty of the Bluff and the delightful connections between the children made for a marvelous day!

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