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Chickhatches, April 1

We had a great collection of children today, ready to brave the April weather! We always enjoys games together, especially now with less social contact, so we began with Fire in the Woods (a running game!) and Robbing the Nest, another great game where we are all spread out! One of the games turned into an impromptu tug-of-war; we used this game twice this week to burn a lot of energy at once, and I highly recommend it! From there we enjoyed tools; Theo is making tent pegs for the shelter, Maddie is exploring hammers, and Alvin, Simon, Maddie and Julien loved collecting snow, making snowballs and throwing them! We will explore 'collecting' further in the coming weeks!

Miss Jessie has prepared the following for ideas to continue Forest School play at home! If you're in our classes or at home right now, send us your pictures of the children trying out some activities and we'll put them in the next blog for all the children to see, and connect with their friends.


Game: Scavenger hunt in exchange for goodies.

Today we set up orange pylons around the forest that was "Yeti" food. The Yeti was so very hungry and told the Forest schoolers if they brought all the orange cones to the Yeti then in return they would receive some tea and of course then the Yeti wouldn't have to eat the kids either!

Activity: Zipline This week we were also focused on creating ziplines, using ropes, pulleys, buckets and of course playmobil people. One of the challenges was to see who could create the fastest zipline. Another was to prevent the guy from coming out of the bucket. Or another group wanted to make the longest zipline.  Sitspot: Bird watching

Gather a handful of bird seed, find a quiet spot by yourself and listen for or watch for birds. They can leave the bird seed at their spot as a little gift or acts as a way to keep hands busy while sitting quietly. Our goal at forest school was to go to the same spot in hopes of the birds learning they might find bird seed so hopefully one day we would have some birds to watch up close. 

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