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Chickadees, Sept 8

How lucky we are to spend the afternoon with your children!

We started our day introducing ourselves and our stuffy friends to everyone at Mr. Bear's picnic. We were all very happy to share about our stuffies and listen to how the Berenstain Bears found the best spot for their own picnic.

We got to know each other a little better playing games and exploring our space. There are some adventurers with us who were looking for hidden treasure, which we'll keep searching and exploring for!

The tool circle was popular, with everyone hammering nail patterns in foam blocks and some trying sawing for the first time. We learned how to open and close the saw and the best place for our bodies to be to use saws safely.

After some time giving fun zipline rides to our stuffies and finding ways to play with others using the same zipline we got to decorate the journals we will use throughout the year, for recording observations, recollecting special moments and being artistic.

And as quick as that, it was time to travel down to our meeting spot, fortunately there were many hands wanting to help bring the wagon down the hill!

Connection Questions:

Did you meet a new friend?

What do you do if you hear the leader call like a crow "Ca-caw, Ca-caw"?

What tools did you use in tool circle? What tools are you looking forward to using next week?

Did your stuffie enjoy their zipline ride?

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