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Chickadees, Nov 3

We had a lively class today!

We played with shapes and patterns by stepping and jumping across squares and following the patterns, if we stepped out of the pattern square our toes were nibbled and we could try again. Some of the Chickadees created their own pattern route and tried it out, others decided they wanted to draw with chalk, which led to an imaginary bus ride on the pathway.

Being in a slightly different place, Parker spotted another entrance to the dragon's home not far from the path. A group of us went to explore and climb it. This challenged the Chickadees physically as it is raised up from the ground and in some dense shrubs. They had to think about how to get themselves up, did they need to ask for help or could they do it on their own? Those that were the first up helped others showing them handholds they could use and once on the top they respected each others space so everyone was comfortable. The Chickadees are definitely coming together as a group.

Connecting Questions:

Was it easy to jump the patterns on the path?

Were you a driver or a passenger on the bus?

Did you help someone get on the dragon's home?

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