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Chickadees, Nov 10

A beautiful day to play at forest school! We learned a new game were two Chickadees have to touch the logs ten times, while all the other chickadees try to collect the balls. It was fun to work together and talk about how sometimes its just fun to play the game whether you win or lose! Then we challenged the chickadees to deliver packages (balls balanced on spoons) from Calgary to Edmonton with out dropping them. Ask your chickadee if they liked carrying the different types of balls on the spoons? was the tennis ball easier or harder then the golf ball?

During free time the chickadees were busy in the tool circle, making music on tin cans or climbing on the fence or trees. Afterwards we made a map of our little spot by using landmarks, like the fence or snack log. Then we took turns hiding stuffed animals and finding them using the "X" on the map. We hope to do more map making next class!

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