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Chickadees, Mar 16

We decided to stay at the drop off pick up spot for class because of the fun puddles forming and the chance to explore the area more. The puddle became a quite the fishing hole! The Chickadees split into groups and found their own little spaces to play. Some made stuffie homes under the spruce trees, while the Ninjas enjoyed the bushy area and the rest practiced throwing Frisbees up the hill! Ask your Chickadee which new space they played in.

There was lots of good synergy today between the Chickadees as they created things together, the Ninjas made a fun trap for all of us to try, their were many throwing challenges/ games that were created by the Chickadees as well.

We then took some quite time to decorate the trees with play dough!

Ask your Chickadee which games they played and how they decoated the trees with playdough.

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