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Chickadees, June 1

It was an adventurous day today at forest school. Today we practiced finding different textures in nature. The kids enjoyed finding textures and also enjoyed feeling some slime we had brought. After touching the slime everyone wanted clean hands so we removed the slime the best we could. We also read a story called Bears New Friend and enjoyed a quick snack . There was lots of great free playtime; we had a stuffie war, and some different forts and playhouses were created. Some of us took part in the tool circle and we experimented with the different tools and talked about when they are best used for different jobs. Next, we made a delicious edible salad using plants on the bluff and salad dressing we brought (balsamic vinegar and maple syrup). To make this salad we split into groups each led by a teacher to collect three things: dandelions, creeping bell, and alfalfa. We did a little painting with watercolors at the end of the class and then headed down the hill for pick up time.

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