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Chickadees, Jan 6

Themes explored:

Observation and recording; scavenger hunt with checklist.

Winter; snowy day story and discussion about snow.

Sea Animals; sea animal identification and discussion about habitat.

Adventurers and Pirates; pirate story, treasure hunt and smashing and melting ice cubes to get hidden gems.

Characteristics of an adventurer/pirate; brave, observant, like to have fun, and independent.

Play in nature playgrounds, identifying opportunities to climb, balance, slide and gaining confidence with risk.

Skills embraced:

Taking on challenges, setting own challenges and encouraging others; balancing on slack line and throwing / aiming challenges. Teamwork in treasure hunt and through challenge activities. Initiating play and enlisting others to join in. Adapting and accommodating other players' desires and needs in game.

Balancing skills; on slack line and along fallen tree. Hand/Eye coordination, aim and throwing skills; throwing challenges, painting snow and hammering. Expanding self confidence in outdoor play. Ability to ask for assistance and communicate needs.

Connection Questions: What makes a great adventurer/pirate?

What did you notice as you were looking around you? What did these things tell you about the season, the habitat, the types of animals around and great places to play?

Did you get the hidden gems out of the ice cube, did melting or smashing work better to get to the treasure?

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