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Chickadees, Jan 22

The rock wall is becoming a favourite stopping place along our walk up the hill. The children have been jumping off, landing in the soft snow. They look down first, check in with their 'gut' about their height, and adjust according to their comfort level. Everyone has made great decisions based on their comfort and skill level. One theme of our play today was animal homes; we created (or added to) our own home by carrying all sizes of sticks to a shelter the Rabbits had started. From there, there was a game acted out where some had fire and some had water, and they needed to refill their fire powers. We also were able to work with tools quite a bit, smashing candy canes, drilling holes and sawing logs. For our sit spot, we made drums to play with knitting needles at our quiet space, exploring the sounds they make. We will continue our sound exploration next week!

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