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Chickadees, Jan 19

Although the icy pathways on the bluff seem dicey for us adults walking there the Chickadees made it their playground today. They were hammering and chipping away at the ice. Some wondered why the ice chunks smashed more easily than the smooth ice, some were laughing and maybe curious as to how the ice pieces disappeared if you hit them just right so they shattered. It was an intriguing exploration of ice.

Everyone joined in playing animal charades. We took it in turns to choose a stuffy animal and everyone had a try at moving around like a beaver or a beetle. We also shared what we know about the animals, where they lived, what they ate. The Chickadees certainly know a lot about many different animals!

Connecting Questions

- How did you move like a beaver? A mountain goat? A bobcat?

- How did the soap feel to carve?

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