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Chickadees, Feb 9

We spent a lot of time playing in the melting ice today. We were collecting, squishing, whisking, jump splatting ice pies, lifting slush and noticing the ice:

- how the ice sticks together to make shapes.

- how the ice is heavy.

- how far it scatters when we kick the slush.

It was fun to make ice cakes and jump on them. Sometimes our friends were so eager to do this they jumped on someone else's cake. This was frustrating for the maker and we talked about if you want to splat cakes then it's best if you have made them yourself so you're not upsetting other people.

The Chickadees love playing What Time is it Mr. Wolf? and we had a marathon game, the longest we've ever played! Being the wolf is everyone's favourite but we know that the game won't work unless some people are the wolf's dinner. The Chickadees happily take it in turns, with a little guidance from us, to decide who plays what role in the game.

Connecting Questions:

- how did it feel playing with the slushy ice? What did you make?

- try a game of What Time is it Mr. Wolf? in your family. Let your Chickadee explain the game.

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