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Chickadees, Feb 16

Today we meandered up to our spot, singing a favourite song on the bench, 5 green and speckled frogs. We had some fun changing the words and counting how many frogs were sitting on the log. The fresh snow was fantastic to play in although it was so light and fluffy it was difficult to make snowballs and snowmen which many of the kids wanted to do. We still tried though and had fun squashing them. Sitting at the top of the bank we rolled snowballs down to see if they would reach the bottom, some did, some didn't and it was a good game to notice how the balls bounced and kicked up more snow on the way down.

On the way back to meet you we stopped at "Zombie Hill" to slide. It was exciting to slide down and a slippery challenge to climb the steep hill back up. We had some tears of frustration but the Chickadees are a determined bunch and kept on trying. There was an easier route to use which some children chose at the beginning but by the end everyone was pulling themselves to the top on the rope and feeling good about themselves.

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