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Chickadees, Apr 20

Special blog feature! This blog is written by Mika who is one of the older children at forest school, she attends both the Coyotes and Owls class and has been recently assisting in Chickadees. Mika brings positivity, playfulness and a eager pair of helping hands!

The chickadees had a great class in the snow! It was a treat . When we got to our spot we continued to use our imagination to pretend the paper dragons we found were real . Everyone had fun finding and coloring our dragons . We read a story called dragons love tacos while some had a snack . A snow kitchen was created and some kids liked making food while others liked making castles (and destroying them). Others played with their new dragons running around and hanging them on branches to let them “ fly around” for a while . We made bird feeders and bracelets by stringing cheerios on to pipe cleaners and a few chickadees ( the birds ) came by but none ate any yet . Next week we'll see if the cheerios are eaten off and if squirrels or chickadees ate them .

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