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Chickadees, Apr 13

Another fun class! We started with a story and then played with throwing balls at different targets, in to buckets and through shape holes in a tarp. The imaginary play centred around a shelter in some trees. If you were in the trees you were safe, if you came out a stick sword was a good thing to have to stay safe. The shelter had a tarp roof, which meant when you were inside you were hidden. It was very exciting for some of the children. Continuing to grow their imaginations we "found" a letter from the dragon who lives on the bluff. The dragon needed help to find her eggs and rebuild her nest that had been blown away by the cold wind. The Chickadees roamed around their spot and found the bright green eggs and then made a new nest from sticks, leaves and soil to keep the eggs warm. We'll see next week if their are baby dragons flying around the Chickadees' spot.

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