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Chickadees, 7 April

Themes Explored:

Maps and orienteering. We used a map of the bike track to search for our hidden treasure and introduce the idea of using a map to orient oneself in a location and practice identifying landmarks on a map.

Orienteering and Memory skill development. We played an advanced scavenger hunt game where children raced to find cones with symbols stuck on them. This activated their memory and tested their restraint to be able to find and collect only the cone with the symbol they were looking for. Some excellent extensions of this activity occurred with some helping others by giving verbal directions to the location of a cone with a specific symbol. Olive was so thrilled when she was able to find a very well hidden cone after memorising and following Wyatt's detailed and extensive instructions... I was amazed, I wish I could remember directions like that!

Birds and bird calls. We discussed woodpeckers and began comparing features with other birds. We shared a Native American origin story about the First Woodpecker explaining why it eats insects from the bark of trees. We played a bird call identification game where children ran to the image of the bird that matched the call we played.

Skills developed:

Extensive tool exploration with hand powered drills, files, rasps, carving tools, saws and hammers and nails to strip barks from big logs and drill holes or cut logs or construct various inventive projects. Archer made an incredible piece with hammers and nails and dirt to add to the fort he was building. Abigail stripped a huge area of a log and drilled a deep hole, so proud of the transformation she achieved.

Tree climbing and confidence with risk. These monkeys took to the trees without any encouragement. Their growing confidence so wonderful to witness.

Carving skills and fine motor control. Today we worked on carving mermaid tails out of carrots. We use carving tools but peelers can be used at home instead if you don't have carving tools. Neil opted to make a "chomping dinosaur that blew with the wind"... inspiration was flowing in our creations as always.

Connection Questions:

Did you find the treasure with the treasure map? What was the treasure? Did the map help you find it?

Did you bring home your carrot carving project? Did you make a mermaid tail or perhaps a fish or unicorn horn?

Did you enjoy the game where you hunted for the cones with the symbols on them? Can you remember what symbols you looked for?

What did you learn about woodpeckers and other birds? What do they like to eat? Where do they nest? Why do they sometimes peck on metal?

Did you have fun playing the bird call game? What birds did you find easy to recognise by their call and which were tricky? (if you download a bird call app you can practice at home identifying bird calls. We focused on chickadee, magpie, robin, crow, woodpecker and owl).

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