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Chickadees, 30 March

Our theme over the next few weeks will be the birds we see on the bluff as we are seeing and hearing them more than we have through the winter. Today we started by painting some of those birds. Hopefully you got to see the art come home on Wednesday. We also made bird feeders and hung these in the trees for the birds and probably the squirrels. Ask your chickadee how we made the feeders.

Free-play saw the chickadees roll a tyre down the hill and with everyone helping they pulled it up to the top again with a rope. Clay, Wren and Archer wanted to keep doing this and worked as a team to roll it and pull it up a few more times. The kitchen was a popular place for Priya, Aven and Gus. They must have been making laughter cake there was so much giggling! And the zipline was popular with everyone, they waited patiently for their turn and knew they had to bring the seat back for the next person to ride - Way to go, Chickadees!

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