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Chickadees, 3 Feb

Themes Explored:

  • Animal Tracking: We looked for footprints in the snow. We started class tracing the tracks of a coyote seen earlier in the day. We spotted snowshoe hare, squirrel and (of course) dog tracks. We used a footprint to animal matching activity and footprint drawing activity to extend the conversion along with the book "Who was there".

  • Snow!! The wonderful snow today was ripe for every kind of fun imaginable.. hill sliding, snow play and snow kitchen to name a few...

Skills Explored:

  • Noticing and Tracking. Identifying animal tracks. Recognising key features and copying them in drawing.

  • Taking turns and respectfully managing sharing favourite items. Today the dinosaur footprint makers were very popular and lead us on many tracking journeys around the bike track. The children managed the sharing of these very well, with little teacher guidance required.

  • Safety and sure-footing when playing on ice. We found an incredible ice slide on the path down the hill, which we turned into a slingshot of sliding children. It was great fun!

  • Balance. We setup the plank for some pirates that wanted to walk the plank. Some even jumped in the shark infested waters...

Connection Questions:

  • Was it fun playing on the ice slide? Did you go very fast?

  • What were some of the animals in the story today? Did you guess any of the animals from their footprints?

  • Did you see dinosaur tracks in the snow? Does this mean there was a dinosaur at your spot? Did you make dinosaur tracks?

  • What animal tracks did you see in the snow (other than dinosaur)?

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