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Chickadees, 10 Mar

Themes Explored:

Birds; we made nests with nails and wooden planks. We explored books about and listened and looked for birds around us, identifying what we discovered. A wonderful discussion about birds we knew and where we remembered seeing them sprung forth.

Shelter building; we built a hut with sticks we gathered and tied at the apex. Games erupted from the space replete with guards and soldiers.

Super powers and super abilities; we concluded our recent weeks' examination of bears with a discussion of bears and reading the story "Super Bear" some of us donning red capes and taking to the trees or hills to demonstrate our super powers or come to the rescue!

Skills Embraced:

Making a play space from loose parts; we brought some planks to the area to see what the children might choose to use them for... Immediately upon spotting them, teeter-totters were constructed and enjoyed.

Carrot Carving; we extended the carving skills this week to using wood carving tools to carve carrots. Some of our creations were unicorn horns, fish scales, tunnels and other non-descript beautiful creations.

Play; inventing play structures and roles, negotiating other players' involvement, and managing inclusion/exclusion.

Games; learning the rules of a game and working together to participate. We utilized concepts like over/ under and numbers.

Challenges; some of us tried the big rope climb this week, extending physical strength and confidence with risk.

Connection Questions:

What did you learn about birds? What are some bird you have seen? Where did you see them, where do they like to live?

Did you enjoy carrot carving? Was there something in particular you were working on making?

Did you have fun on the teeter totter, did you help make it?

Did you play in the hut? Did you climb trees? Did you wear a red cape? What was your super power?

Did you play tunnel ball, rolling the ball between your legs? Did you pretend to be the wolf in the game "what's the time Mr. Wolf?"

Did you practice with the hammers and nails? Did you make a nest?

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