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Burrowing Owls, Sept 21

We are enjoying watching the Burrowing Owls pursue their interests while coming together as a community. Our Animal Game is stretching their imaginations; they continue to add elements to the game that would make it harder/more interesting. Each type of animal (from herbivore to omnivore to carnivore) is coming up with strategies that work best for their type. All the while, they are learning about balance in an ecosystem, first hand! The first game they played felt that there were too many carnivore; when we reduced them, they felt it was a good balanc.

We are also learning some important bushcraft skills that will help us when the weather changes; ask your child if they can show you the bowline, the 'King of all knots!'. They are getting better at putting up a shelter...the challenge contineus this week!

This is a class that loves carving, which warms our souls! We also love carving! There is a desire to explore spoons, which we can do together.

Connection Questions:

-can you show me the bowline knots (rabbit/fox knot)

-what do you really want to carve?

-what is one strategy that has worked for you in the Animal Game?

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