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Burrowing Owls, Nov 9

Games were a fun way to keep warm on a chilly Tuesday morning. They also enable the group to be altogether and get to know each other outside of the smaller groups they tend to be in during free-time. It's not all fun and games however, so far we have played a mix of competitive and collaborative games. Some children love the competitive games, as long as they are winning! If the game is not going their way they lose interest which has left the other team feeling despondent. We'll continue playing all types of games and challenges to build physicality, communication, problem-solving and social-emotional skills.

In our sharing circle we talked about our 'story of the day' - A highlight, a challenge we faced or something that had stood out for us during class. The class are grounded during sharing circle and listen with interest to each others stories.

Connecting Questions:

- What games do you enjoy playing? Why?

- What did you think about playing Ships and Sharks? Coyote and Mouse?

- Do you remember the clove hitch knot?

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