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Burrowing Owls, Nov 16

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

With such a wild windy weather day for the Burrowing Owls, they all did very well knowing that movement and games was the key to staying warm. The games led to a discussion about what makes a good game. Everyone shared their thoughts, which highlighted that we play games with different intentions and prefer certain types of games. In the coming weeks everyone will have the chance to introduce a game in class, with everyone joining in and trying their best.

Not long in to class we discovered an ice pond in the lane beside the community orchard. The Burrowing Owls were immediately drawn to the play opportunities here. With guidance, they deliberated the possibility of having cold wet boots for most of class and it took a lot of restraint from the children to save this adventure until near the end. They did it and had a great time walking on the ice with the risk of falling through, smashing ice and picking up ice chunks. A fascinating natural playground!

Connecting Questions:

What drew you to the ice pond?

What game will you share with the group?

What are your plans in the Forest School kitchen?

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